Sprinkler System Explodes in Workplace Accident

The Plaintiff was an apprentice working with a company that installed sprinkler systems in commercial buildings. While working at a job site, the sight glass on an air dryer that was part of a sprinkler system exploded into his face. Silicone gel pellets caused damage to his face and eyes. After a period of hospitalization and recuperation from his eye injury, the plaintiff returned to work. The explosion was caused by the negligent maintenance of the system by the named defendants. The Plaintiff suffered substantial pain and suffering and permanent eye damage. After one day of trial, the plaintiff resolved this case with the defendants for a substantial sum.

Tree Limb Piercing Head of Motorist on Highway - Negligence of Condominium Association

Plaintiff was operating her motor vehicle on the highway when she was seriously injured as a result of a dead tree limb falling from the hillside of a condominium complex onto a heavily traveled roadway. The limb pierced her windshield and struck her in the head. Our client lost her sense of smell and taste and sustained a mild traumatic brain injury. A suit was instituted against the landowner of the nearby condominiums for failing to safely maintain the trees adjacent to the roadway. This suit was resolved with the landowner--condominium association--for a significant sum.

Fire Cases

A substantial settlement was reached in death of two residents in an apartment due to faulty wiring of receptacle.

Settlement reached in death of two residents in a rented home in Philadelphia due to failure to have working smoke detectors.

Auto Accidents

The Plaintiff in this case was making a left-hand turn at a major Haverford Township intersection when the defendant drove through a red light and smashed into the side of his car. The Plaintiff sustained serious injuries and was in a coma for a prolonged period of time. Upon coming out of his coma, the Plaintiff was placed in a rehabilitation facility. Because of the accident, he suffered a closed head injury (resulting in cognitive impairment) and an eye injury that permanently disabled him and prevented him from pursuing employment as a driver-salesman. The case was resolved with the defendant driver and settled for a substantial sum.

In this case the Plaintiff was hit head-on by a SUV on a major highway and was hospitalized for several months. The serious injuries suffered by the Plaintiff included a cauda equina injury, which caused permanent erectile dysfunction, bladder and bowel damage, and aggravation of a preexisting Traumatic Brain Injury. The Plaintiff received a substantial sum of money in an out of court settlement.

Misdiagnosis Resulting in Severe Brain Damage

This case involved a misdiagnosis of a child in the emergency room. The two-year-old child was taken to the emergency room in a listless state where he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. Hospital personnel failed to properly monitor his blood gases to detect that the child was not getting sufficient oxygen to his brain, which resulted in severe brain damage. The case was resolved with the defendants for a substantial sum that provides lifetime care for this child.

Misplaced Feeding Tube Resulting in Patient Becoming a Quadriplegic

A young woman injured in an automobile accident in Maryland was rendered a paraplegic. Upon admission to hospital for long-term care, a feeding tube was misplaced outside of her stomach resulting in sepsis and patient becoming comatose. As a result she became a quadriplegic requiring more extensive long-term care. This case was settled immediately prior to trial for $2 million.

Failure to Diagnosis Infection in Emergency Room of Child Resulting in Death

This case involved the failure of doctors in the Emergency Room to diagnose serious infection of a two-year-old child resulting in his death within 24 hours of admission. There was a substantial recovery for parents of child.

Delay in Delivery of Baby Resulting in Death

This case involved the delay in delivery by C-Section of baby due to failure of nurses and doctors to properly monitor fetal monitoring strips of mother resulting in child being born severely brain damaged who died immediately after birth. A substantial recovery was obtained for parents of deceased baby.

Delay in Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

This case involved the delay in diagnosis of breast cancer. The doctor failed to detect dimpling in breast of patient over period of four years. During that same period of time, radiologists failed to detect on mammograms suspicious evidence of breast cancer. As a result, patient was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer substantially reducing her chances of recovery. Plaintiff was awarded $750,000 in damages.

Cataract Surgery - Blurred Vision

A 71-year-old retiree suffered blurred vision as a result of a delay in relieving optic nerve pressure that built up after cataract surgery. He settled his claim for impairment of vision against his treating physician shortly prior to trial for a substantial sum. The terms and conditions of the settlement agreement are confidential.

Improper Surgical Technique

In this case a young mother suffering from gastrointestinal problems was subjected to complex stomach surgery that led to the need for further corrective surgery, loss of most of her stomach and a lifetime of digestive complications. Due to an inappropriate surgical technique, the surgeon created more risks of complications than other accepted surgical procedures for her stomach condition. This case was resolved with the surgeon and settled for a substantial sum.

Breach of Real Estate Contract

The defendant in this case entered into a real estate transaction with the plaintiff to purchase real estate that included apartments and an abandoned gas station. The Plaintiff sued the defendant for an amount in excess of $350,000 for breach of this agreement, claiming that the defendant had failed to make the required monthly payments. The defendant in turn contended that the Plaintiff breached this agreement by selling him real estate that had contaminated underground tanks that had previously contained gasoline. The case proceeded to trial, where the defendant produced evidence that the tanks may have contaminated the soil and the plaintiff had not remedied the contamination in accordance with government regulations. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant, finding that the plaintiff had indeed breached the agreement. As a result, the defendant had no further contractual obligation to the plaintiff under the real estate agreement.

Commonwealth v. Haideman, 296 A.2d 765.

In a landmark case, Carmen Belefonte successfully represented George Haideman before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court when it ruled for the first time that it was improper for the police to comment at trial that a suspect at the time of his arrest wanted to remain silent until he spoke to a lawyer.

Beradocco v. Colden, 366 A. 2d 574

In another landmark case that led to a Constitutional Amendment in Pennsylvania relating to the election of judges, Carmen Belefonte successfully challenged Governor Shapp's appointment to fill a vacancy for District Justice. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court voided this appointment, concluding that there was adequate time under the Constitution to fill the vacancy by an election rather than appointment.

Ambrogi v Reber, 932 A. 2d 969

In yet another landmark case in Pennsylvania, Carmen  Belefonte was successfully able to prevent a defendant from selling off assets before a judgment was entered to assure there was sufficient assets for client to recover in event of a subsequent verdict against defendant. Defendant was required to place in escrow net settlement proceeds from the many properties being sold off after suit had been instiuted against him.