Mistakes in health care provided to you can dramatically affect the rest of your life. Our law firm is thoroughly knowledgeable in evaluating medical issues and assessing a potential medical claim.

Types of medical malpractice claims handled include the following:

  • Delay in diagnosis of cancer
  • Brain damage to infant due to inadequate respiratory management by hospital personnel in Emergency Room
  • Wrongful death of child due to misdiagnosis and inadequate treatment by physicians in Emergency Room
  • Failure to properly treat foot infection of diabetic resulting in leg amputation
  • Wrongful death of patient in Emergency Room due to misdiagnosis resulting in the administration of an excessive dosage of medication
  • Improper and negligent surgical procedures
  • Improper drug management by Psychiatrist
Premises Liability - involves situations where a person has been injured or killed while they were on or near property owned or controlled by another person or business. A premises liability lawsuit  can be filed  against a homeowner, landlord, retailer, business franchise, property manager or government entity which negligently fails to keep its premises reasonably safe for use by a tenant, customer, patron or other invitee.

Inadequate Fire Safety – involves claims by or on behalf of fire victims who died or suffered burn injuries as a result of building code violations, missing or defective smoke detectors, malfunctioning fire alarms, deficient sprinkler systems, inadequate fire protection systems or equipment, inaccessible fire exits, or other fire hazards that caused the start or unnecessary spread of a fire and/or the failure to protect building occupants in the event of fire.

Because distracted, aggressive drivers are prevalent on our highways, automobile accidents are an everyday occurrence. Being injured in a collision can have serious effects on victims' lives. Automobile accident victims often face high medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, severe injury, permanent disability, or even death.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies may not be able to protect your right to be fully compensated for these injuries. We are prepared to fully investigate and pursue your claim. Even if you are not sure that the other driver was at fault, our firm may be able to help you. Please contact us today.

Manufacturers and store owners have a responsibility to consumers. They must ensure that the products they sell are neither defective nor inherently dangerous. If a dangerous or defective product injures an unwary consumer, the manufacturer (and sometimes the designer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer) is considered legally liable, as long as the consumer was using the product as it was meant to be used when he or she was injured. Whether the product is a hairdryer or an automobile tire, manufacturers must make sure that products are designed and made safely, that quality control systems prevent defective products from entering the market, and that adequate directions and warning labels are available to protect consumers.

Lawyers in our firm have pursued lawsuits against major manufacturers for producing unsafe products. Some of the unsafe product cases we have handled include the following:

  • Defective machinery in the workplace
  • Defective infant products
  • Inadequate drug warnings on prescribed medication
  • Defective design of fire retardant clothing


If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous or defective product, please contact us today.

A traumatic brain injury is one of the most undetected and uncompensated injuries suffered by a victim. In many instances a person suffers an impact to the head that may or may not result in unconsciousness but can result in severe to mild brain or cognitive damage to you.

Lawyers in our firm have experience in representing such victims and can assess your injuries to determine whether you suffered from such a serious injury.

Symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can range from headaches, personality changes, short-term memory loss and vision problems. (This list is an example of the many symptoms of a traumatic brain injury).


Business litigation is becoming one of our fastest growing areas of practice. Because of our ability to litigate cases to their fullest through trial by jury, our firm can effectively and aggressively resolve major business disputes.

In assessing and bringing a business dispute to a resolution that brings maximum recovery to a business without incurring substantial legal fees, we are able to bring our business acumen and litigation experience to achieve an effective business resolution to such business disputes.

Types of business litigation or disputes handled are as follows:

  • Commercial leases
  • Zoning disputes
  • Partnership disputes (Professional and Business)
  • Real Estate disputes
  • Business contract disputes
  • Non-compete contract disputes (Professional and Business)
  • Family business disputes
  • Consumer Fraud
An individual charged with a serious crime such as murder or driving while under the influence requires dedicated and competent counsel. Carmen Belefonte has represented numerous members of the community over the years charged with crimes ranging from first degree murder to driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. Mr. Belefonte has developed a reputation for obtaining successful sentences for his clients through meticulous preparation and detailed attention to the individual needs of each of his clients for the courts consideration in determining an appropriate sentence.

An example of the results achieved for some of his clients based on their individual rehabilitative needs are as follows:

  • Indecent Assault by dentist suffering from mental illness - Probation with inpatient psychiatric treatment and evaluation
  • Road Rage assault by businessman - Probation with outpatient psychiatric treatment
  • Bank Robbery by public official - Probation with outpatient psychiatric treatment
  • DUI - 4th offense - Intermediate punishment that included inpatient treatment and house arrest.
  • Possession of Controlled Substance with intent to deliver - Probation